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Cancer affects everyone in some way. Here in Alberta, 1 in 2 Albertans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and 1 in 4 will die from it.

The Tomorrow Project is the largest research study ever undertaken in Alberta. Its primary goal is to discover more about what causes cancer, so that it may be prevented in the future. Information provided by people who join the Tomorrow Project may also be used to learn more about other long-term health conditions.

We are seeking 50,000 Albertans between the ages of 35-69, who have never had cancer, to join this long-term study.

In 2008, Alberta’s Tomorrow Project joined forces with other provinces to form the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project, the largest long-term health study of its kind in Canada. With five regional study teams and tens of thousands of Canadians participating, the project may help researchers better understand why some people develop cancer and other chronic diseases.

For as little as two hours of your time, you could be a part of the Tomorrow Project and really make a difference. Research from this study will be used to help find new ways of preventing cancer that will benefit future generations.

The Tomorrow Project is supported by Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.



The current phase of our study has an optional study centre visit. If you're interested in seeing what's involved, click here.

Many of the Albertans involved in our study have an innate desire to help out in their community. Click here to read testimonials that some of our wonderful participants have given about our study.

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